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 Beijing NationSky Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “NationSky”) was established in 2005, controlled by Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.(hereinafter “Tus-Holdings”).  

Beijing NationSky Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “NationSky”) was established in 2005, controlled by Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.(hereinafter “Tus-Holdings”).  As one of the oldest professional enterprise mobility service provider in China, NationSky devoted itself in enterprise mobile security and mobility technology research and development. With years of accumulation of mobility technology, NationSky has formed the layout of cloud computing and big data step by step and has created the integrative service capability of enterprise digitalization as “Cloud-Endpoint-Security“, which makes NationSky a significant part to carry out the digitalization strategy of Tus-Holdings.

As early as 2006, in the field of secure mobile device, NationSky cooperated with local carriers and Blackberry (China) in order to carry out the Blackberry business among Chinese enterprises. NationSky also established the partnership with other mobile device vendors for business cooperation, such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Microsoft. With more than a decade of focus and accumulation of mobility technology, NationSky has provided a variety of enterprise mobile products and services, including  mobile portal, mobile device management, mobile IM, mobile email, for large and medium-sized enterprises in the industries like army, public security, finance, telecommunications, energy, etc. Besides, NationSky has launched a mobile secure suite “Xinmei” that is designed for the communication and collaboration between internal organizations and employees of the enterprise and promoted to enterprise customers with the joint cooperation of carriers and mobile device vendors.

In the field of cloud computing and big data, NationSky has launched the private cloud for enterprise and government – “Tus Cloud“, which can provide powerful IaaS, PaaS and other services to meet the large and medium-sized enterprises by the great need of cloud computing and data processing ability for digital transformation.

NationSky centers on the development strategy of being a leading domestic urban digitalization operator and prioritizes the construction and operation of new-style smart city through “Cloud-Endpoint-Security” capability building. According to the guidance above, NationSky has launched a series of platform solutions, such as government data & asset management platform, government service cloud platform, etc. as well as a series of industry specific solutions, such as Smart Water Utilities, Smart Park, Smart Campus, Smart Military Camp, Smart Environmental Protection, Smart Street Lamp, etc.

NationSky always takes leading enterprise digitalization as its mission and targets to be an international software company. It focuses and encourages innovation as well as emphasizes the accumulation of development technology. Faced with international market, NationSky has attracted and cultivated a number of international digital talents, actively serving the digital China construction strategy.


NationSky is the only member of Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance International AG (GEMA) in China , Tier-1 authorized reseller of Apple in China, the strategic partner of State Information Center (SIC) of China, and the member of Police Mobile Technology Innovation Alliance (PMT) of China. NationSky is also one domestic EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) vendor who is the only one Chinese vendor enrolled in Gartner Magic Quadrant for EMM/UEM in three consecutive years.


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