Gartner Newsletter:

China Will Be One of the Uppermost Markets for Private Cloud

Gartner, the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, has released the newsletter 《 China Will Be One of the Uppermost Markets for Private Cloud 》. It is indicated in the newsletter that under the trend of cloud shift, socialization and big data of enterprise IT infrastructure, along with the implementation of China’s “Internet +” strategy, China is promised to be one of the uppermost markets for private cloud.

The newsletter analyzes IT architecture and IT process in many aspects: the IT architecture lacking of flexibility is difficult to support variable business scenarios; the delivery process of low efficiency can’t meet business demands with prompt response. These problems pushed the prosperous development of private cloud market. The utilization of private cloud and the business system built on it can effectively break through the bottleneck of business development and greatly improve enterprise competitiveness.

Moreover, the newsletter introduces that TusCloud has built a complete multi-tenant private cloud architecture facing industrial cloud, cloud for large-scale groups, and etc., taking the super-large scale digitalization application as the business-driven and operation support of DevOps environment as the major IT demand and building two-layer private cloud system of IaaS and PaaS from bottom to top.


Tus Cloud IaaS product with its orientation in the private cloud market targets to help enterprises improve efficiency of internal IT infrastructure operation and management, achieving enterprise IT cloud shift.

Tus Cloud PaaS product with its orientation in container cloud market targets to help enterprises integrate the best practices of advanced IT in Internet era and thus comprehensively improve IT capability and achieve digitalization evolution.

TusCloud will continue to focus on the technology research and ecological development in the private cloud and data intelligence field, devote to solving IT appeals upon enterprises’ application delivery as well as operation and maintenance, deeply penetrate government, Internet, finance, smart city, smart campus and other industries and provide the one-stop cloud computing construction and operation services for customers. TusCloud’s goal is to be an excellent and first-rate private cloud service and solution provider in China.