Enabling Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility Management


Identity Management

As the provider of identity management, NQSky EMM provides a unified identity and access management and single sign-on. Users don’t have to remember any username or password, which greatly simplifies administrator’s and user’s workload.

Secure Transmission

NationSky provides secure tunnel service based on SSL, ensuring the security of application data and management data in transmission. Both users and devices can be managed, which further improves the security management capability on enterprise information.


NationSky enables application with containerization and realizes encrypted-storage of application data. Interacted with NQSky EMM, containerization sets restriction of copy/cut/paste, screen capturing, Wi-Fi and etc., to prevent data leakage.

Server API

NQSky EMM provides server APIs to enables customers’ existing apps and services to have the EMM capabilities; Secure management of the mobile devices can be realized without login to the EMM console.

Enterprise Unified Communication

Instant Messaging

Texts, voice messages, and files with all formats can be sent and shared with colleagues or group members. All files can be stored and shared and managed.

Audio and Video Conference

A unique and effective communication tool for remote conferences. Users can schedule a real-time online / phone call conference with colleagues anytime, presenting files and sharing the screens.

Task Management

Task is crucial for program communication, delivery and implementation in teamwork. Manager can quickly create a new task, appoint to the staff in charge, set the deadline and get to know the task process. Staff in charge can make feedback on the task process and discuss about the task with the team members anytime. When the task is completed, staff in charge submits the task on BeTalk, manager and team members can check the task on time.

File Collaboration

Marks and comments are visual editing tool for files sharing and collaboration, to express team members’ opinions on the files. Any files uploaded to the group become public palettes for users to make marks or comments on them and leave an independent layer for an easy checking and reviewing.


Mobile Application Development Platform


Light Application Development

Developers develop and operate light applications on the portal, in accordance with the development instruction. APP NEST’s Hybrid APIs provide native functional effect development quickly by using the light application development technology. 发。

Enterprise Contact List

It shows the enterprise architecture on the client. Functions include My Dept., Search Colleagues, Frequent Contacts, Labels, and etc. Also, it provides standard SDK for developers, which enables all light applications can use the contact list.

Push Notification

Push Notification module provides standard SDK for light application developers. Developers can use push notification to send messages to clients and display in the notification center. Users click the message and skip to corresponding light application.


Single Sign-on (SSO)

After the light applications are developed and operated on the portal, users can use single sign-on function to log in those apps as a unified identity management.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging function can be provided by BeTalk for light applications.

File Collaboration

File collaboration module provides a private cloud drive for enterprise. Administrator can distribute any file to a designated user or users. Users can backup, share, preview, download based on their roles, to ensure the enterprise data security management.

App Store

The app store can manage all kinds of mobile apps such as Web Apps, Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, online H5 Apps and offline H5 Apps. It provides app category, app search, download from break point, light application hybrid framework, dynamic native plugin, light application default installation/uninstallation, light application auto-upgrade and etc.