NQSky AppNest+ serves as an enterprise mobile workspace, providing the capabilities of enterprise notification, instant messaging, e-mail, cloud drive, video conferencing, etc. NQSky AppNest+ can be conveniently integrated with enterprise applications and third-party applications, enabling the usage of enterprise applications and business management in one portal, thus, tailoring the strongest one-stop office collaborative solution for enterprise customers in the mobile Internet era.


Unified Access

Support integration with enterprise application system; Support SSO, user can access all the apps integrated in the workspace by only logging on to NQSky AppNest+.

Unified Work Management

Gather all the enterprise information and display in one workspace; Support notification of pending tasks where user can complete the tasks by clicking notification.

Enable work collaboration through enterprise instant messaging, e-mail, cloud drive, video conferencing, etc.


Security Control& Management

Encrypted data transmission; configurable watermark on interface; data leak prevention. Integration with NQSky UEM SDK enables management of device, application and data.


Enterprises can customize the login page, function module layout, function modules, etc. as needed to meet the maximum personalized needs of the enterprises.


Modular Component

Each functional module adopts the componentized design; quick integration can be achieved according to the enterprise needs in different periods.

NQSky AppNest+

Enterprise Mobile Workspace