Financial Street Investment Group

QR code login, real-time synchronization of messages in mobile devices and desktops

Integration of work collabration, audio and video conference, secure e-mail, cloud drive and mobile workspace

Unified notification centre; integration with enterprise’s existing OA systems

Support for hierarchy management, client message watermark and sensitive word filtering

Support customization for enterprise workspace template, subsidiary workspace configuration on demand

Silk Road Fund

The workspace integrates enterprise mobile applications and supports single sign-on

Synchronization of schedule management in mobile client and PC client

One-click processing of file distribution, to-do list and work authorization

Department of Finance of Jiangsu Province

Unified mobile workspace, unified push of company news & announcement

System architecture weight values ordering, adjustable department architecture order

Full lifecycle management of mobile applications from release, review to remove in app center

China West Airport Group

Support creating enterprise large group in management console

Integration with user’s existing authentication systems, perfect security platform certification system

Tailor the use scenarios of enterprise applications and upgrade existing modules such as mobile OA

Military Police Customer

Built-in application store, unified publication and management of party building, military history and daily life applications

Cloud drive with unified file archive management

Integration with UEM SDK, strong control and management of mobile devices to ensure information security