Enterprise Mobile Workspace

Enterprise notification, work collabration, email, cloud storage, enterprise subscription account, moments, third party integration.


Enterprise Instant Messaging

A powerful enterprise-level communication tool;

The address book is synchronized with the enterprise AD/LDAP, and the personnel information are updated in real time;

The organizational structure is displayed; the contact attributes support customized extension and sorting, which makes it more convenient to locate contact.

Audio and Video Conference

Real-time audio and video conference during which screens can be shared and documents can be marked for discussion.

To-do Reminders  Notice & Announcement

The seamless integration with enterprise OA system enables to-do reminders and business notifications to be checked in NQSky AppNest+; user can click the to-do reminder to directly jump to the task processing interface;

The to-do reminders can be marked read with one click and the expired messages are periodically emptied;

Notifications can be pushed on the basis of department or user, and attachments can be added to notifications.

App Store

Full lifecycle management for light applications, enterprise internal or external applications is supported. Application classification, searching, downloading, update, deletion and other operations are supported.

Enterprise E-mail

Integration with enterprise e-mail enables real-time synchronization of e-mail contents in NQSky AppNest+ client; support marking important e-mails for notice and quick operation, such as side sliding;

Users can view by category, preview, download and share the enterprise files; cloud drive files can be added as email attachments.

Enterprise Community

Choose a community by topic or interest to follow where colleagues share their ideas or insights into work.

The enterprise subscription account supports push of articles with link, or with images and texts; employees can reply or “like”the article, which builds a bridge of communication between enterprise and employees, as well as demonstrates enterprise culture and shows concern about employees’ needs.



Policy configuration, hierarchical control & management, message encryption and image watermark comprehensively guarantees enterprise information security


A unified mobile workspace where enterprise office application, mobile OA, e-mail, instant messaging, enterprise notification, and etc. can be accessed and operated.


Out-of-the-box, flexible integration, various functional modules can be combined as needed.


The login page, module layout and function modules, etc. support customization to meet the various the enterprise needs.