Enterprise Mobile Cooperative Communications Platform.

Enterprise work collabration, audio and video conferencing, document collaboration annotation, task management, a powerful four-dimensional collaborative office platform, efficient management of unstructured information generated by enterprise team collaboration

Special feature


Full platform

Any time, any place, any equipment, omnidirectional accessible communication.


Advanced architecture

Through the “session list” integrate internal and external resources, to provide users with the dynamic information; through the “discussion group” serve as a team collaboration containers and basis.


Audio & video conferencing

To “IM” efficiency to launch audio and video conference, perfectly combine the traditional telephone conference and network audio and video conference.


Schedule management

Powerful and fast schedule management, task management, capable of one key task generation for any news, comments, documents and annotation.


Global search

Global knowledge classification, providing classification and search functions


Account management

A full range of account management, real-time management and view the user usage


Team sharing

Intuitive and easy-to-use team sharing, can be easily invited to any discussion group, and set permissions for team roles.


Powerful customization

Powerful enterprise user customization, not only to manage users, but also according to the needs of the UI and functional components of the configuration.

One-stop Solution for Team Communication and Collaboration

Smooth Communication


Instant conversation and discussion group, document transmission, audio & video conference, rich media messages

Cloud-based File Sharing


Upload local files to the cloud, preview online, download and share the documents, categorization management of cloud-based files.


Efficiency Improvement


Instant and appointed audio & video conference, meeting recording, task management, integration of the third-party platform.

Mobile Collaboration


Documents and screen share, support multi-person collaboration document annotation, task comment and notice.

Cross-platform Work Collaboration