Enterprise highly customized design + personalized functional requirements + professional fast private development deployment = perfect product experience

To meet the needs of various industries and multi-disciplinary team mobile communication needs

Developers, designers, distributed teams, media journalists, lawyers, consultants, media publishing and advertising, sales and marketing, customer support, medical teams, etc.

National Grid Dadu River Project

Support enterprise private deployment, instant messaging, multi-tone video conferencing, dynamic update of work tasks, team office collaboration on document management to minimize communication costs

Western Airport Group Project

21 thousand employees of the mobile side of the office collaboration portal, remote work communication, task distribution, audio and video conferencing, to solve cross-regional cross-agency daily work communication problems, improve office efficiency.

Petro China Huabei Oilfield Company 

45 thousand staff size private deployment

Enterprise Portal integrated Chat SDK, through the enterprise office collaboration IM connection business portal, OA message flow

Gome MeiXin client

300 thousand user scale private deployment and enterprise OA seamless integration work circle social capacity custom development

Enterprise Cloud Directory

Enterprise application depth integration

Enterprise official account broadcast

Customize work circle (WeChat moments) social function

Beijing High Court of Justice micro office

High Court Mobile Office System Integration Internal and External Network Segmental Private Deployment

Private deployment in complex network environments

Single sign-on with existing mobile office systems

Business address book / single chat / group chat

Shandong Agricultural Bank of China Financial Project

30 thousand staff size private deployment

Deep customized UI interface

Enterprise Mobile newspaper related functions integration

Enterprise Mobile Application Integration

Customized group announcement function