Support team communication for each industry and office collaboration with all-round application scenarios

Work collabration, audio and video conference, task management, document annotation, remote control and third party integration

Main features

Team instant communication

Instant text message well matched with WeChat, rich media messages, instant voice messages

Initiate task, set the discussion topic, history check

Editable notes, whiteboards

Add photos, pictures, or video files

Remote computer access

Screenshots or recording screens

Based on various documents, whiteboard, notes instant chat function

Facilitate access to cloud classified storage of various types of documents

No restriction to online viewing of various format documents

Add punctuation and annotation for a variety of documents, whiteboard and notes

Text updates and text comments for notes

Screen recording with voice and punctuation and annotation process

Immediately initiate or make an appointment

Invite team members to participate in real-time voice and video conference

Invite customers, partners to join the meeting, no need to install the client

Screen sharing, file, document annotation and text discussion in the meeting

Telephone or network can both join the meeting at the same time

Record audio and video conference minutes

View and share meeting links

Participant role assignment and management

Team task management

Quickly create tasks during communication

Assign a team task manager

Set the task expiration time and reminder time

Add task attachments for more intuitive delivery

Add task comment, dynamic reminder

Set up task management

Mobile office platform entry (third party integration)

BeTalk enables single sign-on for enterprise applications and websites

Seamless docking enterprise application or website, can directly call BeTalk notification interface

Core advantages

One – stop enterprise mobile office collaborative solution

BeTalk treat enterprise collabration as the core, network&telephone audio and video conferencing, task management, document collaboration combine as a multi-level collaborative workspace, which enable enterprise teamwork easier and faster. Set team free from the many scattered enterprise applications, centralized to BeTalk unified management, to achieve on-demand coordination.