NQSky EMM is an overall solution for enterprise mobile devices. It manages and guarantee the security of mobile devices, apps, and contents, establishing a complete platform for enterprise mobility.


NQSky EMM Architecture


• EMM Server
• Mobile Security Access Gateway
• Identity Management Service
• NQSky Push Notification Service

NQSky EMM App Suite

NQSky EMM App Suite includes app store, email, browser, document manager, safe launcher, instant messaging tool, and etc. It also provides the capabilities of data isolation, transmission encryption, unified identity authentication, access control, remote configuration, and data loss prevention, to establish a complete secure mobile workflow.


Deployment Models

Both software and appliance models

On-premises, Cloud & Hybrid Deployment


NQSky EMM Open Platform

NQSky EMM provides various SDKs and APIs. With NationSky + Partnership Program, NationSky has cooperated with partners to optimize products in a way that is capable of multiple enterprise management.