App Suite

NQSky EMM App Suite provides advanced security controls like enterprise data isolation, transmission encryption, unified identity authentication, access control, remote configuration, data leakage protection, which establishes a complete mobile security management system for enterprise.

EMM Client

Interacting with NQSky EMM server, EMM client provides the features such as devices control, policy distribution, app store. etc. It is also the only access to SSO across applications.


MCM provides security control capability of documents for enterprise IT; satisfies users’ demands of accessing enterprise documents through mobile devices anytime, anywhere; realizes document management and DLP functions.


A powerful collaboration platform efficiently manages the unstructured information generated from enterprise team collaboration.


BeMail is dedicated to provide the comprehensive enterprise-level security solution for mobile Email demand, making interaction between email security management and NQSky EMM to realize double protection and double security.

Safe Container

Safe container realizes the isolation of enterprise data and private data, data encryption and data leakage protection in mobile devices, and supports communication with encrypted transmission.

Safe Browser

Safe browser is provided with security management features of site whitelist/blacklist setting, remote configuration of site bookmark, network access restriction, and etc., which leads to a green web environment for work.

Safe Launcher

Exclusive safe launcher designed for different scenarios.