Mobile Banking Soluting

Through building a series of mobile marketing systems, commercial banks enable their staff to make the corporate and individual non-cash operations anywhere through logging in the banking platform via wireless networks by their tablets, portable printers, cameras, and card readers.

Industry Analysis

  • Security risks: Data leakage caused by peripheral insecurity, risk of device loss, uncontrollable usage, and virus infraction.
  • Data isolation: Personal data and enterprise data lacks effective isolation in BYOD.
  • Multiple network accesses: No guarantee in communication security, insufficient ID management, and non-unified backstage control policies.


Device Management

Standard device and configuration management

Secure Access

Encrypted SSL access to ensure access security.

ID Management

Unified ID management, single sign-on, and 4A management.

Secure Container

Container for mobile apps, encrypted data storage, safe isolation, and preventing data leakage.


  • Secure control: Comprehensive security control on devices, networks, applications, and data.
  • Efficiency improvement: Concentrated distribution and unified deployment of security policies.
  • Smooth evolution: Seamless integration with the existing network