Mobile Catering Solution

As an important part of service industry, catering industry is always receiving much attention due to its large market, fast growth, wide influence, and high job absorption. To be more competitive and attractive in the market, catering enterprises has come up with solutions like providing snacks and games for the customers who are waiting to have dinners and the tablet menu to provide more efficient and convenient services.

Compared with the traditional paper menu, tablet menu has obvious advantages. It saves human labor, increases ordering efficiency, and saves the cost for updating and producing new menus. In order to guarantee the security and controllability of mobile services, NationSky works together with its catering partners to provide a more efficient solution for the customers in catering industry.


Industry Analysis

  • It is difficult to make unified management and control on the devices used in different restaurants in different cities.
  • The cost for maintenance is quite high as the end customers may download any apps, delete some apps, or change the passwords when using the tablets.
  • It is difficult for the catering managers who may not be professional IT to properly install apps or update the mobile devices distributed in various restaurants.
  • The security of the important data cannot be guaranteed if the tablets get lost.


Assets Management

Building a unified platform to realize consolidated management and control on all the mobile tablets.

Safe launcher

Ordering app as the default desktop and it cannot be quitted by the end customers, which can effectively avoid disoperation.

App Store

Using a unified app store to ensure the reliable source of apps, realize silent installation and uninstallation; greatly improve the efficiency of IT maintenance.

Security Management

Remote positioning, locking, and data deletion are used to ensure the security of important enterprise data.


  • Unified release and updates of applications improve the working efficiency.
  • Safe launcher ensures the special usage of specific devices and reduces the maintenance cost.
  • Unified management platform shows a clear glance at the assets