Mobile Government Solution

With further openness of mobile network environment, people can access network anywhere and anytime, and various devices and networks can communicate with each other without limits. Due to the widespread use of smart mobile phones, random networking appears. Lots of devices used for e-government system in China are manufactured by foreign manufactures, therefore, the operating systems, databases and CPUs of the devices are mostly made by foreigners. As it is difficult for us to grasp the core technologies and patents of the devices, we find it hard to judge whether there are any security vulnerabilities like “back door”, “software trap” or “system vulnerability”. Besides, mobile e-government is dependent on wireless communication network with poor security, and the daily work of government departments usually involves a large volume of working information and sensitive information, security is an important factor of mobile e-government. In future years, information security safeguard for new applications like Government Cloud, mobile e-government and government IoT will be one of the important parts of e-government construction.

Industry Analysis

  • Although smart mobile devices are safe, data security cannot be ensured;
  • When e-government application is installed on mobile device, there is a large risk for the security of data during transmission between client and server;
  • E-government involves many mobile applications, the e-government system is difficult to manage, distribute and maintain those mobile applications;
  • Due to fragmentation of application platform, the process of developing mobile application is complicated, time-consuming and the iteration of application is slow.


Mobile Device Management

Realize the uniform management and control for mobile devices, security policies and users related to e-government.

App Store

Establish the uniform mobile app store for government to solve the issues of application management.

Security Access

The uniform secure access gateway ensures network security in the transmission process between mobile applications and backend servers.

Mobile Application Platform

Realize the fast development of mobile applications and support the deployment on multiple platform.


  • Comply with national security standards and ensure the security of mobile government;
  • Realize government mobile informatization platform and establish the standards and rules of e-government mobilization;
  • Comprehensively improve the speed of application development and iteration to satisfy the requirements of rapidly business development.