Mobile Insurance Solution

The insurance industry is an important part of the market economy system in China. As Chinese have more and more understanding of insurance, the original extensive operation mode is not adaptive to the current market situation, and the insurance industry is confronted with transformation. In the insurance industry, the urgent issue is how to optimize business process and management process as well as enhance operating efficiency of insurance industry. Information technology, especially fast-developing mobile technology, offers effective means for insurance industry to enhance management and service level, such as site survey of automobile insurance, door-to-door sales of insurance products, and business handling for customers through mobile devices. Insurance agents need to inquiry and modify customers’ information through accessing corporate network and convey company’s related policies to customers anywhere and anytime. The development of mobile informatization provides more convenient technological conditions for insurance industry from the link of business to that of management.

Industry Analysis

  • In traditional product promotion mode, insurance agents needs to carry a pile of paper product materials, and the process is complicated and time-consuming;
  • Large number of insurance agents and the complicated management process of carrying mobile devices out of office makes it hard to uniformly manage and control mobile assets;
  • As customers’ information and insurance policies are recorded and transferred by mobile device, when agents go out for business, loss of insurance policies or customer information is usually unavoidable.


Mobile Business Application

Develop mobile business application to realize the entire business process including online introduction of insurance products, insurance application, loss evaluation, and daily office work.

Device Management

The uniform mobile device management platform realizes asset management, remote control and configuration of mobile devices.

Security Management and Control

Mobile application data encryption and data transmission encryption tunnels help to establish the end-to-end security management and control system for mobile applications of insurance.

Enterprise App Store

The uniform app store ensures the reliable application sources and realizes silent installation and uninstallation of applications, which greatly enhances the efficiency of IT operation and maintenance.


  • Standard and transparent process: The product information of mobile business application can be obtained from the background system in real time, preventing fabrication of product items or misleading promotion by agents and ensuring an open, clear and transparent insurance application process;
  • Device security management and control: Safeguard data security of mobile devices and make comprehensive protection for mobile devices and data encryption transformation and business platforms to avoid the leak of insurance policy and customer information;
  • Simplified operation and maintenance process: Remote management and control of mobile devices along with the uniform installation and update of mobile applications greatly reduces operation and maintenance costs of IT department.