Mobile Internet in Military

With the development of “Internet in Military Camp”, a large quantity of smart phones and mobile devices will be used in military camp, so the managers at all levels will be faced with new problems on information security, confidentiality, and etc. NationSky, cooperating with the major domestic mobile device manufacturers, network security providers and carriers, launched the solution for Internet in Military camps to provide strong protection on military information security on the premise of normal use of mobile devices.

Industry Analysis

  • Risk of military secrets leak: Military images, positions, data, and plans are easily to be leaked through sharing over the Internet, USB copies or other sharing ways.
  • Difficulty in discipline enforcement: There are strict regulations on training, study, and free time in army. The overuse of smart phones may cause severe impact on normal life and work.
  • Uncontrollability of online behavior: The complex network environment may bring the consequence that soldiers get addicted to the web or bring the security risk by visiting bad websites.


Device Management

NationSky cooperated with the major domestic mobile device manufacturers to realize the remote configuration and control on mobile devices through NQSky EMM and to make real-time monitoring and send alert to non-compliant devices. 

Security Access

Support the specific networks access provided by the three carriers in China; ensure the security of data transmission link through VPDN.

Time & Geo Fencing

To distribute different fencing policies to disable the use of camera, GPS, USB and etc, according to the requirement on military diciplines.

Content Audit

Setting of URL black and white list; keywords filtering on the contents of searching, IM chatting, and etc; recording of online behaviors.


  • Realize the security control on smart mobile devices and prevent the leak of confidential information.
  • Conduct the control by fencing policies to ensure the strict enforcement of military rules.
  • Realize the control and filtering of bad websites and non-compliant keywords to ensure the secure and healthy military network environment.
  • Realize the flexible and comprehensive management by administrators at different levels according to the army hierarchy.