Mobile Police Platform

How to make “Internet + Police” release its energy has become a breakthrough and a highlight for the development of Chinese police informationizaiion. With the evolution of 4G network and mobile terminals, smart phones and tablets have been introduced into police affairs to build a new generation of mobile police platform, which will be able to improve working efficiency, enhance the initiative of the police officers, and solve the problem and difficulties in fundamental data collection.

Industry Analysis

  • Important data can get lost because of insecure Intranet access, risk of losing devices, uncontrollable mobile terminal usage, and virus infraction on mobile applications.
  • The slow upgrades of mobile police applications and unevenly qualified software seriously impact the efficiency and prevent the applications from being widely promoted.
  • Isolated service platforms result in the delay of data sharing, difficulties in cross-department data exchange, which goes against the open Internet style.


Control of Mobile Devices

Remote control, device configuration, violation warning to guarantee device security.


Scanning and kill virus , Trojans, and malwares on mobile devices.

Unified Secure Access

Police apps accessed through encrypted tunnels to guarantee secure communications.

Dual Device Spaces

Two spaces provided on one phone; data security ensured by encryption in secure spaces.

Application Shield

Improving the apps robustness, and reducing the apps vulnerability.

Mobile App Portals

Rapid development of mobile apps with mobile app store.


  • Security control: Secure protection for devices, accesses, and applications
  • Efficiency improvement: High efficiency and convenience by app distribution and deployment of secure policies.
  • Smooth evolution: Seamless integration of the expandable system structures and the existing networks.